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October 2015

What even happened last weekend?

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Hopefully this title doesn't make you think I was drunk. Because I wasn't.

However I did suffer some memory loss (I think, I don't remember) because I cracked my head on some cement (more on this later).

It's been a VERY LONG TIME since I have posted. Sorry! I've been very busy and kind of dead for the past week or so and haven't had time to write. Now, as I sit here on my bed, gazing out my window at the beautiful Lima skyline, I am inspired to share what I neglected to share 6 days ago. Again, very sorry.

From October 1-5, I was in Huaraz, Peru. I, along with 9 other exchange students from my club (?), were selected to accompany our club on a trip to Huaraz to help present wheelchairs to the local people and for a special trip/tour around Huaraz just for us. The weekend was full of absolutely beautiful landscapes and new experiences and I actually felt like an exchange student. How did I feel like an exchange student, you ask? Well, things started to get real for me. We were treated so warmly in Huaraz (despite the cold weather) and I felt honored to be a Rotary Exchange Student. One of my most favorite experiences was in the mineral pool.



Ah, the mineral pool. It's clay colored water but so full of minerals and so warm and so weird and so relaxing all at the same time. Did I remember to bring a bathing suit and towel on this trip? If you know me well enough, you've probably already guessed that I FORGOT it. So, I improvised bathing clothes by wearing a black bra and some Ohio State athletic shorts. I was a sight for sore eyes- meaning, I probably made people have some sore eyes because the sight of me was hilarious (or beastly- whichever you prefer).

On our last day of the trip (Sunday) (and this is where my concussion story comes in), we visited Chavin which is a preserved Incan city/village- it's kind of the same idea as Machu Picchu, but not? Regardless, you can utilize Google and figure it out for yourself. Incan architecture 101 says to "make the steps in cement stairs really far apart from each other and make the archways also out of cement but very low so tourists can curse their height genes". I was going down the stairs into an underground gallery/temple and was not anticipating the stairs being so unevenly distanced from each other, nor was I expecting a hole in a stair or for the ceiling to be so low?????????????????. I stepped into the whole and lost my balance and hit my head on the ceiling hard enough to get a concussion. Don't try this at home, folks.

I went to the hospital on Tuesday and was hooked up to an IV for a while and given some pain medication and the doctor called it a day. I was also prescribed bed rest for 2 days. I didn't go to school the Monday before because we were getting back from our trip and I was tired. Tuesday, I was in the hospital. Wednesday, I was resting. Thursday, I was SUPPOSED to return to school, but there was no school Thursday or Friday and for the following week and so I had plenty of time to recover and not having to go to school was a pleasant surprise. No one at the school really tells the exchange students anything, so it's always bittersweet when we find out upcoming things at school.

Friday I went to go have lunch with my host mom and host grandma and we went to my favorite restaurant (presumably to halfway celebrate my birthday?). It was amazing as usual. Pollo a la brasa for the win!

Saturday... oh Saturday. Earlier in the week, I made plans to go out with my exchange friends Karolin(Germany) and Ana(US). Karolin and I go to the same school and she had explained how to get to her house so many times and yet while I thought I was an expert (even though I had never walked or driven to her house in the daytime, only at 11 at night on Wednesdays after Rotary), I'M NOT AN EXPERT. I left the house at 10:30 AM and started walking to Karolin's. I passed my school, crossed a major road, did all of that and ended up getting lost. No matter how many times I asked for help, no one knew the street and I cried and cried on the street corners and was catcalled by taxi drivers and I was afraid and was dressed very appropriately but somehow looked for sale and people made offers and it was a horrible start to the day. I ended up asking a woman for help and she let me use her phone to call Karolin to tell her to meet me at the school and the woman walked me back to the school and stayed with me until Karolin got there. I really hope that God blesses this woman in some way because she was the angel I asked for when I was crying on the corner and asking God to help me. I never knew her name, nor do I remember where she lived, but I am so appreciative to have met her.

Karolin met me at the school and we took a taxi to the mall. We were told to meet Ana at the gas station but we were 5 minutes early and both of our phones don't work without wifi and that was another mess. We had figured that Ana was late or that she wasn't coming and so Karolin and I walked back into the mall and did some rounds. Then, as we were leaving, we FOUND ANA. ANA HAD BEEN WAITING FOR US THE WHOLE TIME BUT SHE HAD BEEN WAITING IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE MALL TRYING TO FIND US. So, once all the "Hello! I am so happy I found you"s were over, we went to OLIVE GARDENNNNNNN! OLIVE GARDEN IN PERU IS JUST AS GOOD AS OLIVE GARDEN IN AMERICA EXCEPT THE MENU IS A LITTLE BIT SMALLER. ALSO, OLIVE GARDEN IN LIMA, PERU IS THE ONLY LOCATION OLIVE GARDEN HAS OUTSIDE THE USA. OLIVE GARDEN AND PERU FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! However, Ana and Karolin devoured my Olive Garden birthday cake piece because it was mint chocolate (ew) and so I let them have it.

Ana came back to my house after lunch and we hung out for a little bit and celebrated my birthday with pieces of cake from a cake shop.

Sunday, I spent the day with my counselor. She picked me up around 2 and we went and had really amazing Chinese food with her family and after, we went to her house and we talked and I hung out with her daughter. had actually met her daughter before, but never really realized my counselor was married or had kids.She lives in an apartment in Miraflores but it is SO BEAUTIFUL. THE VIEWS FROM THE WINDOWS ARE BEAUTIFUL. EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL AND I WANTED TO STAY AND LIVE THERE FOREVER. The night ended when my counselor brought out a chocolate cake she had bought (without me noticing) and her family and I celebrated my birthday together. I really adore my counselor's family. I really really like them. I came back home around 11ish and slept a very deep a peaceful sleep.


Today, I am getting ready to go to my friends house around 2ish to make buckeyes. I had made them for a school project and she and others in my class loved them and now I will teach her how to make them today. It also gives us a time to get to know each other more, so I am grateful that I have meshed well with my class.

Wednesday at 3 AM, I will be in the airport for my flight at 5 AM to Arequipa for our first big Rotary trip. We're going to Arequipa and Puno and Cusco and Lake Titicaca and other places and there will be SO many pictures and probably a very long blog post once I get back on the 25th-26th. I literally would have gone to school 7 days in October. This month is flying by fast. Also Wednesday is my birthday and we are going to celebrate with all the other exchange students!

It's been a great 17th birthday. Probably the best birthday ever!

Until almost November!


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