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August 2015


A synopsis of the year to come


Bienvenidos a mi pagina! Soy Noël y soy de los Estados Unidos (EEUU). I am spending my junior year (of high school) in San Borja, Lima, Peru. For my close friends and family that know me very well, they know that I was originally accepted to spend my year abroad in Murcia, Spain. I applied for my visa twice at the Spanish consulate and it was denied twice for reasons unbeknownst to me. If I wanted to keep trying to get into Spain, and let's say my visa was denied a third time, then any other opportunities for exchange in another country would be gone. My saving grace was a spot in Lima, Peru and after a day of deliberation, I accepted this opportunity. While I am heartbroken that I won't be spending my year in Spain, I still have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language, learn a new culture, make new friends, and be a goodwill ambassador for the United States in another country. I also have the opportunity to travel to Europe (specifically Spain) when I get back from Peru to go see the friends I had been in communication with before my intended trip to Spain (which I ACTUALLY plan on doing).

As mentioned above, I will be in San Borja, Lima, Peru for 10.5 months. I know nothing else about my exchange because everything I once knew about my year abroad as completely changed within the last 3 days. I am unbelievably fortunate that things could work out for me though.

When I applied to be a long-term exchange student with Rotary, I was asked to pick 10 countries (in order of preference). There are about 30 countries that my district exchanges with that I was to choose from. All countries on my list were European except for 2 which were Brasil and Argentina and I believe these were options 9 and 10 on my list! I had no plans to spend my year in A) South America and/or B) Peru! This is definitely going to be a different experience for me and I am so so so ready for it.

I am planning on joining the other students in Peru on our first group trip to Arequipa-Cusco-Cañon de Colca-Puno-Macchu Picchu on October 14th until the 25th. My BIRTHDAY is October 14th and we'll be visiting Colca Canyon on that day which will probably be something extremely unforgettable. The only trip I remember hearing about from my trip to Spain was Eurotour (which is legendary). All 3 (or 4) trips that I will experience in South America add up to the cost of Eurotour. South America FOR THE WIN!

I could possibly be leaving before August 31st and right now currently have no other information on my exchange and this is where I will end my post.

To a fantastic year abroad (and until next time),


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