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When an apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away...

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I'm still sick. My fever lasted about 3.5 days. It's since passed, but I still have a nasty cold and some chest congestion. Yesterday morning I woke up croaky and was fine by the end of the day but this morning I woke up without a voice. It's coming back though, slowly. Mamí made me some honey and "unknown" spice tea. It was pretty good and I think helped my throat a lot.

I'm gonna be real for a second....prepare yourself.

I AM HAVING SUCH A HARD TIME TYPING THIS BLOG POST BECAUSE I NEVER USE ENGLISH ANYMORE. I'm not even kidding! I mean I use English, but not enough compared to the amount of Spanish I use everyday. That's kind of the goal though. Let me give you a good example...

Both of my Rotary districts (6690 and 4455) require a monthly report to allow us to update everyone about our condition, experiences, concerns, etc. I have been provided with a template from both districts and oddly enough, they're strangely similar. There are a couple of questions that are a little bit different, but for the most part, it was the same material. I wrote the monthly report for Peru first because it was due sooner. I was so proud of myself because I could actually type fast in Spanish and had no problems and when I got it "proof-read", it was all right. Now, mind you- these weren't just basic yes/no questions. The report is more like a list of prompts that I have to answer specifically and thoroughly. So, anyway- I finished the Peru monthly report and when I went to finish my Ohio districts report, I HAD A ELECTRONIC STUTTERING PROBLEM. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I HAD problems because I wanted to use Spanish words in my report and the English equivalents just slipped my mind. Nonetheless, I finished the report and I submitted both early.

I posted a video on my Youtube Channel. It's a little lengthy (about 15 min), but it was good to be able to speak an update versus typing one. I'm usually more thorough in my blog though. It's quicker to be thorough writing than it is to speak it. Plus, when I speak I have a tendency to stutter (because I have a little speech impediment) and go on and on about something and I don't have that problem here on my blog.

Currently in my host household, family is over to visit Pelita. Pelita is the nickname we have for my host grandmother, but I'm not really sure why and don't think I would be able to understand if anyone explained to me in Spanish ANYWAY so I am just gonna go with it. Not gonna lie though, I was surprised when I woke up because I woke up to "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion???????????????????????????? Someone was blasting it and I was trying to use my 2 remaining brain cells to recognize the language of the song (A) and (B) that I was actually hearing this in a household where no one speaks English. Sometimes, the weirdest things happen in this house that I don't even know how to relay in writing on my blog. Exchange tip: most of the time I would encourage you to ask questions always but in situations like waking up at 9:00 to hear 90s Celine Dion playing, don't ask anything.

In my freetime here (freetime just autocorrected to fertile on my Mac and that would be really bad). IN MY F R E E T I M E here I have been applying for various scholarships for college. I haven't really started to apply for colleges yet because when I go to apply for colleges, it says I have to be applying to enroll for fall of 2016 (and I'm not). I'm only a junior in high school right now, and it seems like I have to wait until next summer, next fall to apply. But as far as scholarships go, I have come across some more studying abroad scholarships that I would like to take advantage of (and I think I will). I'm only applying and if I was given the scholarship, then I would inform my family back home. (((My family back home is reading this right now- you have been warned that I am going to probably leave the country again.)))

I wanted to do another exchange right after coming back from Peru. There's only been one other kid from my district that has done that. I would like to go to Italy or some European country. I would have already learned Spanish by the end of my exchange here, so I would like to learn another language and culture and lifestyle before going to college. I heard about a scholarship opportunity to go to Queen's University for all undergrad, fully paid by the university. I would love love loveee to go there. The Queen's University in question is Queen's University in Belfast, Ireland. So, if you're religious and you pray and you like me, I would ask that you pray that I get this scholarship and opportunity to go there for university. Plus, I am drawn to Ireland because I want to be a surgeon and Ireland has some of the best medicine in the world, but also one of the best surgical programs in the world. Go big or go home, right?

I'm starting to miss my school here in Peru. My mom has kept me home because of my condition (which is best that I stay home to be honest), but I miss my friends.

No real culture shock yet!


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