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First day of school!

Today was probably the best first day of school that I have ever had (or remember, presently). Like I mentioned in my last post, I had to go to school in normal clothes because my sister's uniform didn't fit me. Tomorrow, my mom and I will go to Miraflores to go buy my uniform for school (which is a tracksuit). ****Note: Peruvians love track suits.****

I'm not going to lie, in the beginning of the day I felt like a piece of dust. No one ever looked at me and it felt like I wasn't even there. The other 6 exchange students spoke to me and we stay together all the time, but other than that, a normal student didn't acknowledge my existence until the end of the day.

My school in Ohio is giving me credit for my schooling here in Peru, so unlike some of the other exchange students, I have to actually work and do homework and projects and tests and study, which I think will help my Spanish improve and make me smarter. I had advised the teachers I saw today that I would be needing to do normal work and be included in the "schooling" in the classroom because my school was giving me credit. I am fortunate because most exchange students either have to do summer school or re-do the school year before/after their exchange year.

My first 2 classes of the day were in English. 1 being English class and the other being World History. I was happy about that. I think it's necessary for the kids to be fluent in English for them to graduate, but I am not entirely sure. I am doing a project for world history with my other exchange friend, Karolin (from Germany), and we will both get a grade, even though I am the only one getting actual academic credit. We have to research and present on a current conflict of any kind in the world and Karolin and I are researching sex trafficking.

Physics was entirely in Spanish. However, my teacher said I could go back and read all the powerpoints and take tests in order to catch up with the rest of the class, so I am very happy about that. I LIKE learning. I actually LOVE learning sometimes and it gives me something to do after school and on the weekends.

After physics we have dance and it's only for the exchange students. However, our teacher never showed so we had about 1.5 hour of freetime and we talked and messed around. We were then able to go to lunch/recess #2 early. After lunch and recess we had tutorship and that's when I had the opportunity to present myself.

Tutorship isn't really a period of study nor does it have mentoring capabilities, but it's a time for the teacher and the class to talk about things going on in school and other various things. It's a good period for unwinding. I only have two periods of tutorship on Fridays and ALSO on Fridays, we get out of school at 3:05 instead of 3:45 like Monday-Thursday. I have morning tutorship where we pray and do whatever else everyday. I'm happy with my schedule. I have different classes everyday.

So anyway, during tutorship the teacher asked me if I wanted to present myself to the class (and she also gave this opportunity to the other 2 exchange students). I talked about myself a little bit and ended with giving everyone my WhatsApp information. Some texted me right away and I have been in communication with them. I think that had I not presented myself, no one would've communicated with me. Like I said before, I felt like a piece of dust until tutorship.

It's the students last year before going to university, so it's natural that they would stay close and not be as social as they might have been in younger years. Now, however, I have invitations to go out on the weekends and after school, and that makes me feel better about my exchange here in Peru.

I don't have a phone yet. I have a phone with my American number, but since I never purchased an international plan, my phone only works with wifi. I will go tomorrow to buy one, because after what happened today, I will need one.

So. School got out and I couldn't find my host mom anywhere so I called her via Facebook messenger and she told me she was still in the house. Apparently, she told me earlier that I should wait until she got there because she would need to bring my host grandma with her since my host aunt, Reyna, isn't in the house. I don't really remember that because there was a lot of information being given to me at once.

I called her and the call dropped, but I decided to start walking home because she told me she was still at home, so I thought this meant "you walk alone". Amazingly, I remembered the way and she met me halfway and hugged me tight because she didn't understand what I had said on the phone and she thought something bad happened to me.

I think that on Monday I will walk alone both ways. I remembered the majority of my route, which is good.

In about an hour, I will be going with my host mom to the movies. I like spending time with her because I feel like her kid most of the time and not like a guest or "an exchange student" whatever that means.

Until my next adventures in Wonderland!

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